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YOU WANT SOME Vol.7 at Chignitta / Osaka

This exhibition was established by curator Makoto Ikeda as a program to introduce up-and-coming artists in a group exhibition format. YOU WANT SOME” 7th exhibition was held at Chignitta! This is a group exhibition of 6 artists in total.


YOU WANT SOME Vol.7 at Chignitta / Osaka

May 3 (Wed., holiday) – May 14 (Sun.)
chignitta space (Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka)
OPEN 13:00-19:00 (closed on Mondays)
curated by Yoshihiro Taniguchi fumika hasegawa / nanana / Kaname Kuboki
Curated by Makoto Ikeda TAKEUCHIATSUSHI / Atsushi Kanai / Nitaro
<OPENING RECEPTION> 18:00 – 21:00 May 3 (Wed., holiday) 18:00 – 21:00 A portfolio review by Yoshihiro Taniguchi and Makoto Ikeda + guests will also be held.


A special exhibition launched by curator Makoto Ikeda as a program to introduce up-coming artists in a group exhibition format.” YOU WANT SOME” means “Do you want some? Want to try it?” It is a nuanced phrase to recommend something you like to others. The 7th edition of the exhibition will be held in a special version with guest curator Junhiro Taniguchi, who presides over Chignitta, a cultural center in Kyomachibori, Osaka, where the exhibition will be held! A total of six artists, three from each group, will exhibit their works.

Participating Artists

fumika hasegawa

She expresses imaginary space in her illustrations and creates her works by controlling the charm of silkscreen, such as color composition and plate deviation.


With the theme of “To love = To live,” the artist depicts the distrust and contradiction of love that we feel in our daily lives, and the discomfort of hurting each other as we struggle to live, in a pop style, aiming to “free ourselves from the guilt of our attachment to life” by viewing it in a positive light.

Kaname Kuboki

Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Graduate School of Art, M.F.A. in ceramics. He has been actively involved in solo exhibitions and client work. He has participated in the Amagasaki Art Stroll in-Lab “Enjoy ! HappyCkuboki kanametion”, Hankyu Umeda concourse window, etc.


I draw mainly people with simple lines and few colors. I use what I feel like drawing at the time as a motif for my illustrations. He has provided illustrations for advertisements, books, and apparel. In his solo exhibition, he mainly exhibits works titled “EMPTY JACKET,” in which he draws illustrations on canvases, posters, and record jackets.

Atsushi Kanai

After working as a company employee while continuing to draw illustrations and picture books, Kanai became an independent illustrator. Currently working on books and magazines with the motto of “illustrations that communicate with a smile”.


Illustrator with a dynamic screen composed of simple lines and catchy colors using gradations. Seasonal visuals for commercial facilities and mural art on remote islands.

会場までのアクセス: 御堂筋線・四ツ橋線 本町駅28番出口から北に徒歩5分、四ツ橋線 肥後橋駅7番出口から南に徒歩5分


・発熱、体調不良の方のご来場はご遠慮ください。 ・皆様に安心してご来場頂けるようスタッフの指示にご協力をお願いします。


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