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Connect with unique people at the intersection of "Chignitta".

Monthly meetings, online and offline communication result in the next action.

Such a membership-based online community is the driving force of "Chignitta".

Would you like to become a community member (Chigniters) too?

Released a record from "Cignitta".

I want to release a record in Japan by an American musician that a community member met on YouTube! We all made the idea a shape. Announced the project through crowdfunding and raised production funds. "Chignitta Records" started.

Case 01


Held a flea market “Utsubo no Crutsubo” involving the neighborhood

If you have an idea, do it immediately! "Chignitta Space" and neighboring creative companies jointly held a Kyomachibori flea market called "Utsubo no Crutsubo". An event was held at five venues in the neighborhood where community members and locals gathered.

Case 02


Collaboration between Chignitta and "Urban Research" has started!

A collaboration between Urban Research's new platform store "THE GOODLAND MARKET" and Chignitta. Inspired by Hideki Takemoto's photo exhibition held at Chignitta Space, we made a special order for his graphic T-shirt.

Case 03


chignitta farm lunch@hayamaiki farm

"Hayama Iki Farm" run by community members. A plan to visit a unique farm that grows only with the power of soil without using fertilizers or pesticides, experience farm work, and then invite a chef to enjoy lunch surrounded by a bonfire. On the next day, the members enjoyed an “adult excursion” to explore Hayama, Zushi, and Kamakura.

Case 02


Community News

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