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Toshihiko Shibuya

Snow Pallet is a land art project by Sapporo-based artist Toshihiko Shibuya. This year's event was held in the courtyard of the Sapporo Park Hotel for four months, from the first snowfall until the snow melted. This year's installation, the 13th of its kind, was held in the courtyard of the Sapporo Park Hotel for four months from the first snowfall to the melting of the snow. 70 objects of different heights and shapes, the largest ever, were placed in the courtyard, and as the snow fell, the sunlight and the shape of the snow brought about changes in light and shadows, creating a variety of landscapes from day to day, or even within a single day. On days when the snow is shallow, foxes pass through the venue and leave small footprints, making "Snow Pallet" a symbiosis with nature. The only artificial accent is the fluorescent color, which brings out the graphical beauty of the snow surface and leaves a vivid memory for the viewers. With an annual snowfall of up to 6 meters, the Snow Pallet is a memento of winter in Sapporo. The snowfall in Hokkaido has been decreasing year by year, which is a warning sign of global warming and climate change. Please have a look at the report by Toshihiko Shibuya on the end of this season.

Snow Pallet Project with Memories of The Winter -Snow on Anthropocene-

I strive to create artworks that resonate with nature. My “Rand Art” symbolizes expresses the unique Hokkaido Northern climate, with its heavy snowfalls. Art in natural context all depends on the weather, but I think that is how it should be. There’s nothing we can do to tame Mother Nature. I aim not to control nature, but the nestle close to it, to use it cleverly. Snow Palette The first day started.

Winter land art "Snow Pallet" has been installed mainly in the big city of Sapporo.

Where, snow piles up about 6meters every winter. My art is site-specific for it also conveys “memories of winter.”

“Snow Pallet” is an artwork where fluorescent paint has been applied to the underside of an object which stands just above the snow.

In doing so, the vivid colors are reflected on the snow’s surface.

20.12.20 .12:00 Snowfall since last night has brought about 18 cm of snow, and the first stage of pre-Christmas viewing is underway.

It is an installation work that changes the landscape according to the time of the day, to the amount of snow and sunlight, and to the number of objects and different heights. I think of it as “Time-scape land art.”

20.12.20 14:00 View from the 9th floor of the Sapporo Park Hotel. Mt. Moiwa in the foreground. Concert Hall Kitara. Iris pond in Nakajima Park. Mt. Eniwa in the upper left.

I started the Snow pallet project in 2011. The snowfall has been decreasing year by year.

We have often irregular snow fall, varying from heavy snow to no snow in a short cycle in late years.

I think that Global warming is interlinked with climate change. Environmental issues are an urgent matter for all human being.

What direction is the earth heading ? Where will we be in the future?

Using “Snow Pallet,” I display memories of past landscapes together with weather date.

20.12.21 15:00 The shadows of the radiating trees and objects weave a beautiful harmony on the snow.

20.12.21 12:00 Now that there is little snow on the ground, the strong sunlight makes the long shadows of the objects appear on the snow surface like a geometric pattern. Some people say it looks like musical notes.

Snow Pallet 1 / Moerenuma Park (2011)

Snow Pallet 2 / Sapporo Art Museum Courtyard Installation (2011~2012)

Snow Pallet 3 / Yuki Sekiguchi Memorial Art Museum Front Yard (2012-2013)

Snow Pallet 4 / North Snowland in Chitose (2013)

Snow Pallet 5 / Otaru Unga Plaza, Otaru Kihin Kan (2013~2014)

Snow Pallet 6 / Windbreak Art Project, Obihiro (2014)

Snow Pallet 7 / Sapporo Miyanomori Museum of Art Courtyard Terrace (2014~2015)

Snow Pallet 8 / Thinking Art Exhibition

Snow Pallet 9 / Rokkatei Sapporo Main Store (2016~2017)

Snow Pallet 10 / Hotel Sapporo Garden Palace 4F Courtyard (2017~2018)

Snow Pallet 11 / Rokkatei Sapporo Main Store South Front Garden (2018~2019)

Snow Pallet 12 / Sapporo Designer Gakuin Stairway Entrance, Chocolatier Masar Main Store Courtyard (2019~2020)

Snow Pallet 13 / Sapporo Park Hotel Courtyard (2020~2021)

20.12.28 20:00 Snow palette at night. Clearly visible footprints of a fox on night patrol.

Snow Pallet13

Date: December 1st 2020 –March 4th 2021

Location: Courtyard of Sapporo Park Hotel

Sapporo Park Hotel and artist Toshihiko Shibuya have teamed up to present a winter land art exhibition, "Snow Pallet 13", in the courtyard of Sapporo Park Hotel from December 1st, 2020 to March 4th, 2021.

21.1.3 13:00 Only reflected light is shown on cloudy days. Deep snow cover in Sapporo Central Ward: 25 cm, last year: 3 cm, normal: 38 cm *Sapporo Regional Meteorological Observatory

21.1.8 11:00 The top of the doughnut-shaped object shows a humorous shape of snow.

This time I installed 70 pieces in this garden. There were disk-shaped, donut-shaped, triangular-shaped, and Z-shaped objects.

The area of this garden is 1,700 square meters.

The weather of this winter of Sapporo has many days when it was fine after the snowfall.

The art objects express the shadows of the clear shape to the surface of snow for winter strong sunlight. This Snow pallet is shadow pictures of the surface of snow with bright reflection colors. The shadow picture of rhythmical geometry figures appears to the surface of snow.

We can look down at this view from the southwestern windows on the third to the tenth floor of the hotel.

21.1.20 early morning "Borderline between light and shadow" in the morning with strong sunlight

21.1.20 14:40 The shadows of the trees and the reflected light of the objects are in perfect harmony. Snow depth in downtown Sapporo: 50 cm (last year: 16 cm, normal: 56 cm) *Sapporo District Meteorological Office

21.1.20 15:00 On the same day, when the sun was a little stronger, the view of the snow surface showed a different expression.

Weather record:

Snowfall in December : 50 cm, last year 54 cm, normal 132 cm.

Snowfall in January : 137 cm, compared to 85 cm last year and 173 cm on average.

Snowfall in February : 75cm, compared to 195cm last year and 147cm on average.

Snowfall in March: 44 cm, last year 49 cm, normal 98 cm (*recorded until March 10)

21.1.23 14:15 When the temperature is close to 0 degrees Celsius, the snow melts due to the reflected heat effect, and the fluorescent color on the back of the top panel is reflected due to the refraction of light, forming colored icicles.

The weather in Sapporo in February is the coldest and the heavy snowfall.

But there were 18 days with temperatures of +degrees this season.

As a result, the snow melted and the ground appeared.

21.2.21 In mid-February, the average temperature was +4°C. This has never been recorded in the past by the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory.

However, there was heavy snow for several days from the end of February to the beginning of March, and some objects were completely buried in the snow at last.

We were able to see the best view.

21.2.27 11:00 Snow palette gets its first shine in a week due to intermittent snowfall since yesterday evening.

And a few days later it quickly melted and disappeared due to the warmth.

21.2.27 14:00 Repeated snowfall and clearing in a short period of time, symbolizing this winter.

21.3.3 10:00 Traces of all buried objects. The shape of the snow piled up is strange: sharp, round, or flat.

21.3.4 11:00 As the temperature rises again, the objects emerge.

21.3.4 11:00 The snow on the top board started to melt into icicles. Highest temperature +4 degrees. Tomorrow it will be +10 degrees. Spring is coming at a rapid pace.

I carried out all the pieces March 11. It's just the end of winter.

This was the largest number of land art objects in the past series. The season passed without unexpectedly heavy snowfall, the first in several decades. We had snow and sunshine every day, and we often saw the harmony of shadows and reflected light on the objects. The objects were prepared in several different heights, and some of them were large enough not to be buried by a meter of snowfall. As a result, the objects that were completely buried were only about 30 cm high. Although the weather data for Sapporo shows a trend of less snowfall every year, localized heavy snowfall has been recorded throughout Hokkaido, causing a lot of damage. Global warming, climate change, and abnormal weather are all part of our human history. It can be said that most of them are caused by man-made factors.

The Snow Palette Project is to record and memorize each winter's snowfall through art, but there may be a season in the near future when the project will not be possible due to the ultimate lack of snow. But ultimately, there may be seasons in the near future when the project will not be possible due to lack of snow. Of course, I am not wishing for that.

I hope that this project will weave together the beautiful memories of each winter.


Snow Palette Project / Toshihiko Shibuya

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Toshihiko Shibuya

1960 Born in Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan
1983.3 Musashino Junior College of Art and Design 
1983.3 Graduated from Musashino Junior College of Art and Design, Department of Commercial Design (Graduation work: Excellence Award)
1984.3 Graduated from Musashino Junior College of Art and Design, Major Course (Laboratory Award)

President, Snow Palette Project Representative, Ikoro no Mori Meets Art 
Vice-chairman of the Hokkaido Society of Arts (from April 2021), Director of Sapporo Designer Gakuin College, Part-time lecturer at the Department of Art, Faculty of Education and Culture, Hokusho University 

Hokkaido Culture Encouragement Prize
Sapporo Culture Encouragement Prize
The 24th German, Dutch and Belgian Art Prize Exhibition "Excellence Prize
Sapporo Art Annual 98
Grand Prix, Sapporo Art Annual 98
1994 International Art Award
International Art Grand Prize Exhibition '91, Sponsor Prize '92, Special Prize '93, Art Newspaper Prize '94, Encouragement Prize '94ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition '94, Prize Candidate
(Azabu Museum of Arts and Crafts, Roppongi)
91, Encouragement Prize, 92, Gold Prize, 93, Silver Prize, Contemporary Art Association of Japan, Tokyo
The 7th Bridge Art Exhibition, Grand Prize, Sakaide City Art Museum, Kagawa, Japan
Contemporary Art Association of New York, Grand Prize
The 15th i・m・a Exhibition "IMA Prize" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

Sakaide City Museum of Art, Kagawa, Japan

Exhibition history

(Yeomisang Nature Art Park, Korea)
SHIBUYA Toshihiko Exhibition Generation 8 "Origin / Occurrence / Symbiosis / Coexistence" (Manabe Garden, Obihiro)

What's winter art ? (Sapporo Center for Arts and Culture SCARTS)
Northern Art Collaboration 2019 in Tampere (Galleria Longa / Finland)
Ikoro no Mori Meets Art 2019
(Ikoro no Mori/Tomakomai City)
Sapporo Grand Hotel 85th Anniversary Exhibition
(Grand Vista)

Obihiro Contemporary Art 2018 "Estuary" Exhibition / Area around the mouth of Shinkawa River

Pompetsu Art Fortress 2017 (Mukawa Hobetsu Michimin no Mori)
White Generation / North Line 2 North Line 2 (500m Museum of Art, Sapporo)

Candy Room / Ice Hills Hotel in Tobetsu (Tobetsu, Japan)

Hominids Exhibition / Obihiro Contemporary Art 2016 (Obihiro Forest)

Thinking Art Exhibition: Kotoba no Katachi / Snow pallet 8 (Obihiro Museum of Art, Hokkaido)
Minus Art Exhibition, Obihiro Contemporary Art 2015 (Former Hotel Minoya, Obihiro)
Harukayama Art Fortress 2015
(Otaru Harukayama area) 2011-2015

Sprouting Garden-"Sprouting Forest
(Sapporo Art Forest, Open-Air Museum)
Far East Contemporary Art 2014
Far East Contemporary Art 2014 (Around the former Yamato Elementary School, Shibei, Kitami City)
Creative Hokkaido meets Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)
(Bangkok, Thailand)
ART X-WINTER ART (Cross Hotel Sapporo, entrance)

The Case of Painting, Final Chapter
(Hokushou University, Hokkaido Academic Information Center / Sapporo, Japan)
Mikasa Bembetsu Coal Mine Art Project 2013
(Mikasa Bembetsu Former Sumitomo Coal Mine / Mikasa)
New City Art Fair in Taipei
(Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei / Taiwan)
Creative Hokkaido meets Hong Kong
(Central Oasis Gallery / Hong Kong)
Snowscape Moele7
(Around Glass Pyramid, Moerenuma Park)
Garden of Altair /JR Tower Art Planets (Planis Hall, Sora no Garden)

Art Kyoto 2012 (Hotel Monterey Kyoto)
Hokkaido 3D Expression Exhibition (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo Art Museum)
PLUS1 This Place (Hongo Arata Memorial Sapporo Sculpture Museum)

PLUS1 +Takuo Shibahashi Project: The Case of Painting to the Eclipse of Space 2009 (Gallery Essay, Sapporo)

Asia Print Adventure 08 in Otorineppu, Japan
The 29th International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan

The Case of Painting
The Case of Painting (Porto Gallery / Sapporo)

Art of Sapporo
The Art of Sapporo "Artists who color Sapporo" - Kita no Machi In the midst of the seasons The case of painting (Porto Gallery / Sapporo)

The Case of Painting (Porto Gallery, Sapporo)

Asia Print Adventure 03 (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)
International Art Fair Liniato (Gent, Belgium)

International Group Exhibition
International Group Exhibition
(Salem Gallery, New York)
International Art Fair Liniato
(Ghent, Belgium)

Sapporo Art Exhibition (Sapporo Civic Gallery) Inheritance of Japanese Beauty Exhibition (U.S. Consulate General in Sapporo/Sapporo American Center)
The 2nd Masuo Ikeda Memorial Art Award
(Tokyo International Forum, Osaka Contemporary Art Center)
Miura Art Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Miura Art Village, Ehime, Japan)

2000 German Art Prize Exhibition (Frankfurt)

24th German, Dutch and Belgian Art Prize Exhibition Sapporo Art Annual 98 Asia Print Adventure 98 (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)

The 3rd Grand Prize for Woodblock Prints, Sumio Kawakami Museum, Kanuma City (Kanuma City Cultural Center)
Sapporo Art Exhibition (Sapporo City Gallery)

Intersecting Coordinate Axes (Kinshicho Seibu The Prime, Studio Kinshicho)

International Art Grand Prize Exhibition The 4th 94ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition
(Azabu Arts and Crafts Center, Roppongi)

Contemporary Art Association Tokyo
Contemporary Art Association of Tokyo 7th Bridge Art Exhibition (Sakaide City Art Museum, Kagawa)

Contemporary Art Expo Tokyo
Contemporary Art Expo in Tokyo 
Contemporary Art Association of Japan, New York
Art of Today, Hokkaido "Dialogue with Lightness
(Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Hokkaido; Asahikawa Art Museum, Hokkaido; Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokkaido)

The 15th i・m・a Exhibition [IMA Prize] (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) ETDA Exhibition
Expression Today" Japan Culture Design Conference (Makuhari Messe, Chiba)

International Impact Art Festival (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)

The 12th and 13th Franco-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition
(Grand Palais, Paris, Tokyo)
5th The Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize for Painting Exhibition
(The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)
JAPAN Impact Art Now 87 (Korea Art Museum, Seoul)

Contemporary Japanese Painting Artists Exhibition (Former West Germany, Belgium)
WORKS ON PAPER`87`89 (Osaka Contemporary Art Center)

85 Festival of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan



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