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Makoto Ori "Ori Walk"

Typology Found on the Streets Series

We are pleased to present the third installment of "TYPOLOGY EVERYWHERE.

As the bassist of THE COLLECTORS, he started his solo unit Francis in 1994. Makoto Ori is currently active as a solo artist.He has always been a musician, I had always admired. The landscapes posted with the usual message, "Is there anyone who can relate to the comfort of this feeling of being left out?The perspective and color gradation toward the vanishing point are wonderful, and I was eager to add them to the "TYPOLOGY EVERYWHERE"collection.When we met in Tokyo the other day, I made an enthusiastic offer to add it to the "TYPOLOGY EVERYWHERE" collection.Please enjoy the 30 carefully selected "Perspecitveness" photos sent to us by Mr. Ori. And please let us feature your"Coffee Jelly" series! (Taniguchi )

About "#OriWalk".

I like walking around town. Nowadays, it has become so convenient that I can easily take pictures with my smartphone.I take endless pictures of things that catch my attention here and there, without any purpose in mind.However, it is not even close to the conceptual works such as "Thomason" by Genpei Akasegawa.Of course, it is not as if I can take anything particularly witty. One fine day, a very pleasant day for a walk.It was a very pleasant day for a walk, and as I turned my head to the left along the way, I found a long, straight, and narrow alleyway.I looked at it for a while, and before I knew it, I felt like I was being sucked into the other side of it.

I quickly focused on the direction in which I was being sucked in with my smartphone and took a picture, imagining how far this road would go. I took this picture while remembering how excited I used to get when I was a child at the concentrated lines that are often expressed in comic books.When I looked at the picture I took this time, I was reminded of the image of a journey that leads to a vanishing point, a vanishing point at the far end of the line of concentration, and I felt a sense of dizziness.I found myself feeling a faint sense of romance, even though I was a bit dizzy for a while. This fascinating encounter has since become a catalyst for me to enjoy walking around the city.I have since been enjoying walking around the city with a sense of "escapism. No matter where I wander, somewhere in my mind, I am always looking for a "sense of escape.Before I knew it, it had become such a secret pleasure that I could not get out of it, just like a swamp.

This time, I have been given the opportunity to present this series of "omission" as "#OliWalk".We hope you will join us on this journey of enjoying the destination of a journey that you will never reach with a pleasant feeling of giddiness. <Makoto Ori

Makoto Ori

Born in Kanagawa in 1965. He has been making music with his friends since his high school days, which caught the attention of some maniacal music lovers and became one of the most popular indie labels in the world.In 1985, he started his music career in earnest as a member of Picky Picnic, which released the album "Ha! He started his music career in earnest as a member of The Red Curtain, the predecessor band of the currente formed The Red Curtain, the predecessor band of the current Original Love, with Takao Tajima and worked as a bassist. He has played in bands ranging from psychedelic, garage, soft rock, jug band style, to soul music.The band's music was widely talked about for its eclectic and genre-spanning musicality, ranging from psychedelic to garage, soft rock, jug band style, and soul music. After leaving the band in 1990, he joined THE COLLECTORS as a bassist in 1991 as a member change. In 1994, he released a mini-album "Burning Bear!" under the name Francis, a solo unit.Noi! and other krautrock, New York-style garage such as the Velvet Underground, and French pop such as S. Gainsbourg.After a year of silence since his sudden departure from THE COLLECTORS in 2014, he relaunched his solo career in 2015. In addition to energetically performing live mainly in the Tokyo area, he is also a member of the "New Wave Gyaru" Tada.He also released two mini-albums as a unit "Haruko and Francis" with "New Wave Gal" Haruko Tajima. Finally, in September 2021, they released their first new album in 27 years, "Bolero. They are still actively performing live.He is still active mainly in live performances. He is also known as a coffee jelly fanatic.


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