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sounds that can be heard from the record jackets. The music selection starts with the record jackets. Here, let's play with records of all genres, arranged by theme, and play music. Guest DJs are scheduled to appear.

Since her debut in the 1970s, Paula Scher has made a name for herself in the music industry, producing some of the most memorable album covers of all time. Later, she became a member of Pentagram, one of the world's largest design firms, and her work for The Public Theater took New York City by storm, as well as advertising, logo design, environmental design, and many others. Her jacket work for Tappan Zee, led by Bob James, is a masterpiece, blending her stylish and light musicianship with a New York twist and spice.

Bob James / Tochdown (1978)

The sixth album. The motif of this album is "Tochdown," a football game in which six points are scored. The accuracy of the photo and the restrained typeface, which is an extremely advertising-like technique, enhance the perfection of the album. The theme song "Angela" from the TV movie "Taxi" and the second song "Touchdown" are excellent.

Bob James / Lucky Seven (1979)

This is his seventh album, so it has a seven-star ladybug jacket. The contrast of red, yellow, and black is strong. The first track "Rush Hour" has a bouncy bass line (Gary KIng) and drums (Steve Gadd) with Bob's electric piano playing a sweet melody. Look-Alike" was sampled on Gangstarr's "The Remainz". One of the best fusion albums of all time. The New York!

Bob James / H (1980)

Eighth album in total. The number 8 in the alphabet is "H", and the jacket is reminiscent of a hot dog. It seems like he's running out of material around here. After the next album, "Sign of the times", it became less sharp. The sound of this album is more interesting than the previous one, with a lot of acoustic piano and the use of Grover Washington Jr. The title track, "The Walkman," gives a sense of the times.

Bob James & Earl Klugh / One on One (1979)

This is a collaboration album with Earl Klugh, a master of acoustic guitar.

The cover of the album, with two paper matches left side by side, shows the atmosphere of the album very well. This is one of my favorite Paula Share designs. I also like the fact that the names of the band members are actually printed on the paper matches, photographed and folded into the back cover. Great performances including "KARI".

Wilbert Longmire / Sunny Side Up (1978)

Great album with a fried egg jacket. Wilbert Longmire's album, which Paula Shea herself always lists as one of her best jacket directions. A groovy cover of Bill Withres' classic "Lovely Day" is a nice touch.

Wilbert Longmire / Champnne (1978)]

Wilbert Longmire, guitarist in the Bob James group, "Champagne" is a good choice after "fried eggs". The cover of this album is beautiful, with a juicy photo of fruity grapes lined up underneath, and like Mark Coliby, he covers Earth Wind & Fire's classic "Lovers Holiday" with his own vocals.

Rechard Tee / Storkin' (1979)

The first solo album by Rechard Tee, who is also a member of Stuff. His unique piano playing full of southern feeling makes him a one-of-a-kind artist. The duo of "Take The A Train" with his ally Steve Gadd is especially wonderful on this album. The cover is a combination of his name and the golf "tee". The cover is a combination of his name and a golf "tee," and even the logo on the golf ball is carefully designed.

Joanne Brackeen/Keyed In (1979)

This is an album by z, a pianist from Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers.I can imagine that her name "Brackeen" must have inspired her to choose "Keyed In" as the album title.This is a very unique album for Tappan Zee.


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