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PRESENTS "FEELING LIKE A CHILD" Album Release Commemoration Talk & DJ Event

80’s city pop backstage classic, miraculously re-released! PRESENTS “FEELING LIKE A CHILD” in celebration of the album release Special Talk & DJ Event!


Sunday, November 20, 17:00~ 21:00 Venue: Chignitta Performer:Fumio Miura, Ken Kato DJ: Pictured Resort. DJ boyfriend Admission: 2000 yen (with one drink)
Reservations for the event can be made here


Miraculous private pressing of Feeling Like A Child has finally been unearthed after 42 years! This authentic city pop album, recorded quietly as a graduation project by a group of childhood friends from Nakano and Nerima, caught the attention of used record store staff and will be released on November 3, 2022, 42 years after its recording, in three new formats (CD, analog record and distribution), with artwork by Hiroshi Nagai. To celebrate the album release, Fumio Miura, a core member of the band and producer of the reissue, will talk a lot about the music scene at that time and the story surrounding the reissue while listening to the sound recordings. The interviewer will be Ken Kato, who specializes in popular music and urban studies and co-authored “What is City Pop? The venue will also feature DJs from Osaka-based city pop unit Pictured Resort and dj boyfriend.

Master recordings remixed through vintage analog equipment, CDs and analog LPs released with artwork by Hiroshi Nagai will also be available for purchase at the venue. Please take this opportunity to get your hands on these rare recordings, which are expected to sell out in advance. Ken Kato’s book “What is City Pop?” (Kawade Shobo) Pictured Resort physicals will also be available at the venue.

Reservations for the event can be made here


Fumio Miura

After working at Dentsu, he became a professor at the Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University in 2012. He is also involved in the activities of Artist Commons, which provides the infrastructure for services such as connecting on-air radio songs and live concert information. He is planning to launch a new type of label centered on Kansai University students. Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University, Ph.D. (Media and Governance) Chairman, Artist Commons, Incorporated Association, Executive Fellow of radiko, Outside Director of Space Shower Network, Special Member of the Cooperative Area Task Force of the Federation of Commercial Broadcasters, Chairman of the FM802 Program Council

Ken Kato

Born in 1993. B.A. in Education, Waseda University, Ph.D. in Literature, Osaka University. He is a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2). Specializes in popular music research. His dissertation is titled “Shibuyakei” (Shibuya-kei): Construction and Transformation of Locality in Popular Music” (Journal of Popular Music Studies, 24 (1), 2020), and his book is titled “Where Did the Rediscovery Come From? : Roots and Present Locations of Overseas City Pop Fandom” (with Moritz Some, in “What is City Pop?” edited by Yuji Shibasaki, Kawade Shobo, 2022, pp. 254-281), etc.

Pictured Resort

Formed in 2014 in Osaka. Urban synth-pop band with a sound that has passed through neo-acoustic, AOR, city pop, dream pop, and disco. After transitioning to a solo unit in December 2020, they have been releasing their music at a breakneck pace. He has been releasing new works at a breakneck pace since transitioning to a solo unit in December 2020.

dj boyfriend

Owner of Hawaii Records and Hawaii Label, a record store and record label in Nakatsu, Osaka for over 20 years. He has opened his own store at Hanshin Department Store, Hankyu Department Store Souk, d&d Osaka, cafe selen, etc. in the past. In the events he has hosted, he has appeared with Skirt/Shinrhythm/guiro/ett/yossy little noise weaver/ Emily Kano/raymond team/Bagus! In the organized talk event, Takumi Yuge, Ryohei Matsunaga, Minister of Onomatopoeia, etc. appear. Venues include d&d Osaka and Nara Tsutaya. He also teaches workshops at the request of Machida City, Tokyo, and at the request of d&d Osaka.


80’s Tokyo City Pop! Although there were very few pressings at the time, the astonishing contents reminiscent of Sugar Babe were still there! Miraculous private pressings have finally been unearthed after 42 years!

This album was recorded quietly as a graduation project by a group of childhood friends from Nakano and Nerima. The contents of this authentic city pop album, which could be compared to Sugar Babe or So Nice, caught the attention of used record store staff, and in 2022, 42 years after the recording, it was released in three new formats (CD, analog record, and distribution)!

The groovy and mellow opening track “I’m Not Going to New York” with guitar, bass, and synthesizer, followed by the medium funk “One Night Darling,” reminds one of Tatsuro Yamashita/Paper Doll for a moment. The AOR “Dim” is reminiscent of Michael Franks, a favorite of the band members at the time, and the samba tune “Tropical Dream” anticipates Taeko Onuki’s later “Europe Trilogy”.

For this reissue, the 8ch 1/2″ multi-tape was excavated and converted to high-resolution sound, produced by Fumio Miura, a core member of the Presents, and remixed through vintage analog equipment to achieve the master sound source for release. The artwork has been completely redesigned by Hiroshi Nagai.

The artwork has been redesigned by Hiroshi Nagai, and a commentary by Hitoshi Kurimoto has been added.

Access to the venue:

Midosuji Line and Yotsubashi Line, 5-minute walk north from Exit 28 of Hommachi Station, 5-minute walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line

Requests concerning measures to prevent infection by the new coronavirus: ・Please come to the hospital if you have a fever or are feeling unwell. Please refrain from coming to the venue if you have a fever or are feeling unwell.

Please do not come to the venue if you have a fever or are not feeling well.


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