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Smokers Delight_selected by JAZ-T57

A collection of jackets for the 2020s, when it's no longer cool to light a cigarette and strike a pose.

The selection of tobacco jackets is a common theme on the Internet, but I tried to choose one that sounded like CITY LIGHTS. Rickie Lee Jones and Jarry John Macnarry were inevitable, and I wanted to include Pierre Barouh and Paul Weller, thank goodness Jesse Barish was on Spotifi. If you listen to the album version of The Style Council's "My Ever Changing Moods" in the playlist, at the 2-minute mark, it sounds to me like Paul Weller is singing "Chignitta".

Rickie Lee Jones / ST (1979) Larry John McNally / ST (1981) / John Valenti / I Won't Change (1980) The Style Council / My Ever Changing Moods (single 1984) John O’banion / Danger (1982) Akira Terao / Reflections (1981) David Bowie / Young Americans (1975) Pierre Barouh / Le Pollen (1982) Jesse Barish / ST (1987)


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