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sakurai hajime Solo Exhibition “Hip & Square”

We are pleased to announce that Sakurai Hajime will hold his solo exhibition at chignitta space in Osaka from November 19th Fri t0 December 5th.


Sakurai Hajime

Graduated from the Kyoto Institute of Technology. As an illustrator and graphic designer, Sakurai has been working on artworks for advertisements, posters, magazines, and record jackets. In recent years, he has worked on the cover artwork for NONA REEVES, the package design for the Morinaga DARS x niko and... collaboration, and the main visual for FM802's MEET THE WORLD BEAT. Recently, he has been doing client work in Thailand, China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, as well as participating in art fairs.
Instagram▶︎ @sakuraihajime Twitter▶︎ @sajkuraihajime


As a painter, Sakurai Hajime has been attracting attention both in Japan and abroad and is one of the most exciting artists to follow in the art world. He has a deep knowledge of vintage cultures such as music, fashion, and movies, and his works are filled with the music of the 1960s and flavors of that era, and he is enthusiastic about creating pop and cute works. His work is characterized by his method of reproducing digitally drawn artwork into analog form. His excellent brush skills, stylish composition, and sense of expression have attracted a wide range of people, from young people to art collectors.

One of key visualss of the solo exhibition "Hip & Square"

His catchy and fashionable style has attracted many clients for commission work, and he has been active in a wide range of fields, including large-scale fashion commercial facilities, music festivals, fashion brands, food packaging, and the album jacket of Nona Reeves, a musician who is close to him in both public and private life.

from the exhibition "Hip & Square"

The theme of his Osaka solo exhibition "Hip & Square", his first in three and a half years, is based on his motto of "square exploration and hip performance", and is a return to his roots of combining his beloved music and art. This exhibition will feature new works of previously unseen size (F50), as well as large-scale works. Please enjoy the fun and exciting world of Hajime in this exhibition!

from the exhibition "Hip & Square"

SAKURAI HAJIME Solo Exhibition “Hip & Square” 

■ Dates & Time: 11/19 Fri - 12/5 Sun, 1pm-7pm, Holiday on Monday

■ Venue:chignitta space

■ Address:Takagi Bldg., 1st floor, 1-13-21, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku, Osaka, Japan

■ For any inquiry of Media and also artworks to be exhibited:

Gallery talk with Hajime Sakurai on 11/20 Sat, at 3pm

Information to be updated on chignitta Instagram @chignitta

Another key visual for this exhibition


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