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Sakura Fukushima Solo Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that Sakura Fukushima’s solo exhibition will be held at chignitta space from September 30th Friday to October 16th Sunday.


Sakura Fukushima

Born and raised in Kumamoto prefecture, Kyushu region.
After graduating at Musashino Art University in 2012, she moved the place to work in Tokyo and has been working as a painter. Her first exhibition was in 2016, at Tsunagi Museum, Kumamoto, and she has been opening and participating in several solo/group/competitions since then. She was a grand prize award winner of The 10th Triennale of Kiyosu city Haruhi Museum of Art in 2021, and she received a judge award by Rina Kurihara at Metasequoia Kyomachibori Art Fair 2022.


Sakura Fukushima, who majored in oil painting at Musashino Art University and its graduate school, is a talented painter who has exhibited her works at numerous museums and galleries and won the grand prize at the “10th Haruhi Painting Triennale in Kiyosu City” in 2021. She has also received love calls from the fashion industry and is expanding her activities to include exhibiting art projects by United Arrows and commercializing fashion items.

Sakura Fukushima creates paintings on cotton cloth with acrylic paint and embroidery on a part of the paintings. The contrast between the gradation of the coloring and the ambiguously depicted landscape with blurred borders and the clear outlines of threads sewn with a certain three-dimensionality and presence gives the picture a clarity as if it were focused by a camera. There are no clear-cut boundaries between our daily life and the landscapes in nature, all of which are formed with ambiguity, and in which we unconsciously think or feel one thing or another. In such ambiguity of the passage of time, Fukushima’s works stand out and stand out for a moment, and make viewers feel their memories.

The title of this first solo exhibition in Osaka, “Coming and Going Across the Gap,” refers to the act of sewing itself, starting from the passing of thread back and forth between the surface and the reverse side with a needle, and ending with the image of the things, actions, and moments that come and go casually and unconsciously, such as the change of time from morning to night, the change of age from 20s to 30s, and opening the door to go out from home. The images also overlap with the things, actions, and moments that we go back and forth without thinking about it.

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Acrylic painting, threads on canvas ©️Sakura Fukushima

Acrylic painting, threads on canvas ©️Sakura Fukushima

Acrylic painting, threads on canvas ©️Sakura Fukushima

Sakura Fukushima participated in the “Metasequoia Kyomachibori Art Fair 2022” held in Kyomachibori, Osaka in June this year, where she won the juror’s prize from Rina Kurihara, a juror who works as a planner for various creative projects (affiliated with Bythree Inc.), and also received many juror recommendations Many visitors were fascinated by the new paintings and their world view. The exhibition also featured a collaboration with Rina Kurihara and Baithree Inc. for the flyer design.

This time, the number of works has been expanded, and we hope that even more people will come to see the works. We hope you will enjoy Sakura Fukushima’s unique works and world view.

Exhibition flyer planned + designed by BYTHREE inc. ©️bythree inc.

Aspirations for the “Osaka Solo Exhibition:”

In June of this year, I visited the chignitta space for the first time to participate in the “Metasequoia Kyomachibori Art Fair 2022. I decided to reset the time I spent thinking about what kind of works to display based on the photos and sizes of the exhibition venue I had received up to that day. The venue is a place of calm communication where people connect with each other through art and music, and where someone’s voice or music is always flowing comfortably. This is my first solo exhibition in Osaka, a place that listens carefully to new challenges and accepts them with open arms. For those who are seeing my work for the first time, I hope to make it a highly concentrated exhibition that will give them a multifaceted view of what kind of artist Sakura Fukushima is. I am also very much looking forward to meeting again the people I met at the Metasequoia Art Fair. (Sakura Fukushima)

Exhibition flyer planned + designed by BYTHREE inc. ©️bythree inc.

Exhibition Summary

Sakura Fukushima Solo Exhibition “Coming and Going Across the Divide”

Venue: Chignitta Space, 1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Dates: September 30 (Fri.) – October 16 (Sun.), 2022 (closed on Mondays) Time: 13:00 – 19:00 Admission free, no reservation required Contents: Exhibition and sale of paintings and limited merchandise

The artist will be in the gallery 9/30 (Fri.) – 10/2 (Sun.), 10/13 (Thu.) – 10/16 (Sun.)

Gallery Talk Come and listen to Sakura Fukushima talk about her works and activities! Saturday, October 1, from around 3:00 p.m. at Chignitta Space. Admission is free, no reservation is required


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