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"Marché - A variety of marchés

In the fall of 2020, she and her artist husband moved their base of activities to France, and this is her essay, "petit à petit" (Petit à Petit), about their daily life. This issue’s theme is "marché", which is full of charm in France, the land of food.



akari has been active in international activities, such as producing party spaces of New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo and Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka, giving a lecture at the FIT (New York State Fashion Institute of Technology), and producing artworks of 5-star hotel “Renaissance Taipei Shihlin Hotel” of the Marriott Group Hotel in Taipei. Akari produces parties and events for corporate clients. Her focus is on creating interactive time and space for people. “PAPER PARTY” has been offered since 2012 as a party space constructed entirely through a cardboard medium, expressing new possibilities and transforming a space into an eco-friendly environment full of fun, excitement, and peer-to-peer interaction. Since 2015 lifestyle brand “by akari” has been started. From a corporate perspective, marketing strategies and company re-branding services are offered to clients in the commercial sphere, with a long track record of work in the cafe and restaurant sector. These seek to maximize company returns through the expression of ideas that reflect new trends, as well as valuing a woman’s perspective.


"Marché - A variety of marchés

One of the things I have been looking forward to since I came to Paris is the Marché.

At first, I was nervous because I didn't know how to buy anything, but now I look forward to it every week.

I used to live in an apartment in the 10th arrondissement, and there was a well-built Marché Saint-Martin nearby, but I still enjoyed the outdoor Marché, so I often went to the Bastille Marché, even though it was a bit far away.

Marche in Bastille. When it was still cold, the mimosa made me happy because it reminded me of the coming of spring.

A florist in the Marche

What surprised me after moving to France was the strong taste of vegetables and fruits.

There was a time when I really wanted to eat Yakiniku, so I bought some Yakiniku sauce at a Japanese grocery store and grilled the meat on a teppan grill, but the flavor of the Yakiniku sauce was completely overpowered by the flavor of the vegetables. The vegetables had a very strong taste. The vegetables took the lead over the meat.

Look at this giant leaf of spinaches that I bought at Marche!

Watermelon is so delicious. When I was returning from the marché with a huge watermelon, a passing driver honked his horn and smiled at me because I looked so happy (laughs).

A pile of cherries. I like the hardness.

The vegetables, fruits, and flowers that line the marché tell us that a new season is coming.

The lily of the valley. Small bouquets and potted plants of lily of the valley are sold in the streets on May 1, "Lily of the valley day.

The watermelon storage area at the marché.  They are really big.

A mint seedling I bought at a marché. Now this mint seedling has grown big.

I want to try more mushrooms this fall.

This spring, I tried white asparagus with hollandaise sauce for the first time.

Beautiful strawberries like gems that I bought in a box

Baked in the oven and topped with herbs, scallops are a delight to have. The shells are so fine that I hesitated to throw them away.

I used to feel that fish shops were a difficult challenge.

When I bought a big beautiful sea bream for the first time because I really wanted to eat braised sweet and spicy sea bream. I was asked a question like "Do you want to clean the stomach?” pointing at the fish, and I said Oui. When I brought it home and looked at it carefully, I found that all the dorsal and tail fins had been cut off and the fish was smooth.

After that, when I asked the chef to cut up the fish, I had to say, “Don't throw away the bones!”  If you don't say so, the delicious meat around the bones will end up in the trash.

Marche's Fish Shop: Beautiful sea urchin like an object

Vaious fish

The dorsal and tail fins had been cut off and the fish was smooth.

Although I am still not fluent in French, I enjoy interacting with the people at the marché stores.

Everyone usually stores at their favorite store.  The marché near my studio is quite lively with people of various nationalities.

It's not a battle, but it does require a bit of technique to catch the eye of the shopkeeper.

Sometimes, a funny thing is when it's very crowded, people say things like, “Hey there, Japonaise, you have to line up here.”

I always ask for 1kg of potatoes and onions, but rather than making me buy 1kg, the store makes me buy 2kg.

I had decided to buy a stylish cart and not one of those auntie carts that everyone else has, but I ended up buying a common cart and became one of the aunties.

I take my cart, which can be found anywhere, and head to the marché.

While shopping at such a vibrant marché, I often forget to take pictures. The other day, I went to Raspail Marché in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where all the fruits and vegetables were BIO and very beautiful.

Both the customers and the shopkeepers were elegant, and it was fun to see the differences between the different marchés.

Vegetables at Raspail Marché

On this day, my chef friend and I shopped at the marché in the morning, brought home the ingredients, and took our time cooking over a glass of wine. It was about 6 pm when all the dishes were ready.

We were all starving, but it was such a luxury to spend the whole day enjoying food.

Beautiful and delicious blueberries bought at a store that sells only blueberries.

I was taught how to cook artichokes. This is a lot of work.

The pork is very carefully prepared and the lemongrass and spice sauce gives it the best results.

Crispy Pork Belly with a crunchy surface is ready.

Chickpea Falafels

Finally finished dinner. We' re all hungry!

Beautiful cut section. Bon appétit!

My friend baked a tart for me in the morning. I made a creme citron, chilled it, put the blueberries I bought on top, and voila!

It is fun to visit the marchés in your travels.

I visited the marchés in the cities of Dijon, Beaune and Aix-en-Provence a while ago.

Marché in Dijon

Vegetable Seedlings at Dijon's Marche

Ruparb and vegetable seedlings piled haphazardly at Marche in Dijon

Marche in Beaune: lots of mustard

Marche in Beaune: Hummus stores are rare.

The fruits I saw at the Aix-en-Provence marché looked so vibrant!

Aix-en-Provence marché: I can' t eat it all, but I want to buy more.

There are still many marchés I've never been to.

And I would like to try foods that I have yet to try.


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