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Hideki Takemoto, "Tomorrow morning when I wake up at chignitta space from July 9th Friday.

We are pleased to announce that the first photography exhibition in the Kansai region by photographer Hideki Takemoto, "Tomorrow morning when I wake up at chignitta space from July 9th Friday.


Hideki Takemoto

Hideki Takemoto is a photographer based in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture.  He has started his career as a photographer in Hokkaido in 2006.  His production process involves shooting everyday scenes from around the world using 8mm film. He extracts a single frame from the film, produces it on 35mm film using internegatives, and prints it himself in his darkroom. His works have been highly evaluated in various competitions around the world, and have been exhibited in six countries so far. In December last year, his photo book "Tomorrow morning when I wake up" was released by Roonee247 fine arts. This will be his first solo exhibition in the Kansai area.


Hideki Takemoto is a rare photographer who sublimates fragments of the realm, fragments of everyday life, and fragments of time into the space between figuration and abstraction, and brings them into the realm of images. ------- by Daido Moriyama

Hideki Takemoto, a self-taught photographer who started his career in Sapporo in 2006 and currently lives and works in Kamakura, Japan, uses 8mm film to capture everyday scenes of towns, people, and scenes from around the world. While everyone is taking photos with their smartphones and uploading them to social networking sites, the photos taken with forgotten old equipment are faint in focus and color, and make us feel as if we have been thrown into a distant memory where time and place are unknown. In addition to the sale of original prints, the exhibition will also feature a special sale of chignitta's original "Hideki Takemoto T-shirts" to commemorate the artist's first solo exhibition in Kansai. In addition, Takemoto himself will be in the gallery from July 9 (Fri.) to 11 (Sun.) to welcome you. This will be the first exhibition in the Kansai area, and we hope you will enjoy the photographs while immersing yourself in Hideki Takemoto's unique world.

Hideki Takemoto Solo Exhibition"Tomorrow when I wake up"

July 9th (Fri) – July 17th (Sat)

at “chignitta space”

Venue: Takagi Building 1F / 1-13-21, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku, Osaka

Open: noon to 7pm / Closed on Monday

Hideki Takemoto's personal appearance from July 9th (Fri) to 11th (Sat)


In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, all customers are requested to cooperate with our instructions at the venue.  And anybody who has a fever of more than 37℃ and feels sick, please stay home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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