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MURKOS solo exhibition 1103-1113 starts from November 3rd

We are pleased to announce that MURKOS, an Osaka-based artist will hold her solo exhibition at chignitta space in Osaka from November 3rd (Wed) to 13th (Sun).

MURKOS is an Osaka-based artist whose soft colors and light brush strokes attract many people and have been used in many promotional visuals for fashion and commercial facilities.  Attracting attention from illustration fans and art collectors alike, she will be holding a solo exhibition in Osaka!

In this exhibition, she expands her artistic expression from acrylic painting to oil painting, AR, and NFT, and creates a colorful world centered on paintings.

The title of the exhibition is inorganic with the number of the exhibition period in it.



Graduated from Osaka University of Arts with a major in oil painting. Currently based in Osaka, she exhibits her works in solo and group exhibitions and also does a lot of client work for key visuals of commercial facilities and product creation. She specializes in portraits and still-life paintings with vivid colors and light touch lines.

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This exhibition features oil paintings, which will be exhibited physically, as well as augmented reality (AR), NFT, and other forms of expression that have been further expanded using contemporary technology. This is also the first attempt at a three-dimensional work (objects). The oil paintings exhibited in the gallery are painted over again after the painting is finished, and a new painting is made on top of it. Please enjoy the ambitious new world of MURKOS that unfolds in physical (oil painting), AR, and NFT.

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Message from MURKOS for the solo exhibition:

The day is just a marker for each day. “A day that is nothing to someone else may be a special day for someone else.” This is the meaning behind the drawing of a moment in the day of someone somewhere.

Recommendation Message:

The sweet and enchanting paintings of Mr. MURKOS, who was the only artist whose work was displayed on the yellow wall at UNKNOWN ASIA 2021, caught our attention. She majored in oil painting during her college years, and returned to her roots for this solo exhibition, presenting mainly oil paintings. Please enjoy “NEW MURKOS” with a time matrix of the past, present, and future, incorporating the classical technique of “oil painting” and the “AR” and “NFT” of the current era. This exhibition was created with MURKOS in commemoration of receiving the Junko Sasanuki Award at UNKNOWN ASIA 2021. We would like to thank Ms. Satoko Onoe and Mr. Yo Ikeda, who also awarded her their Reviewer’s Prizes for their cooperation. Also, we would like to thank THE DECK for their support for NFT. Thank you very much. (Curated by Junko Sasanuki)


Exhibition Summary

MURKOS Solo Exhibition “1103-1113”

Venue: Chignitta Space, 1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Dates: November 3rd (Thu.) – November 13th (Sun.), 2022 (closed on Mondays) Time: 13:00 – 19:00 Admission free, no reservation required Contents: Exhibition and sale of paintings and limited pieces, NFT is also available.

The artist will be in the gallery 11/3rd (Thu), 11/5 (Sat.), 11/6 (Sun)

Gallery Talk Come and listen to MURKOS talk about her works and activities! Wednesday, a National holiday on November 3rd, from around 3:00 p.m. at Chignitta Space. Admission is free, and no reservation is required


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