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" The Mosher Record" at chignitta space from August 13th Friday.

We are pleased to announce that the solo exhibition of the Osaka-based illustrator Michinori Naro, " The Mosher Record" at chignitta space from August 13th Friday.


Michinori Naro

Born in Kochi prefecture in 1964, now based in Osaka as an illustrator and a painter.  He works variety type of fields including book covers, magazine covers, advertisements, and illustrations.  His unique line drawing has been capturing many people for decades.


50 artworks Naro drew during the stay at home by the pandemic.

"The Mosher Records is an imaginary record store that offers a limited-time selection of Western and Japanese music from the 70s and 80s. For the middle-aged, the nostalgic beats will fill your heart with joy, and for the young, it will be an opportunity to experience the charm of music that will never go out of style.

Nearly 50 illustrations of Western and Japanese record jackets from the past, drawn with Naro's unique line drawings, will be on display, LPs in LP size and singles in single size. The illustrations are laid out on the white walls of the gallery and are sure to capture the hearts of music lovers as well as fans of Michinori Naro, and will bring a smile to your face. A painter and illustrator based in Osaka who is active in magazines, books, newspapers, and advertisements, Michinori Naro's works will be on display. Please enjoy!

Message by Michinori Naro

I have been spending a lot of time at home, as many of you do. In the midst of this, I came up with the idea of "copying" what I was going to draw. I named it "Mosher". These record jackets are the first group. "Huh? Look closely. You have a face like this, don't you? The Western music I started listening to when I was in junior high school is just like my classmates from that time that I met again after graduation. It's as if the speakers are talking to me as if they can see through me now. It's a little strange. Some of them don't look like me at all. Please enjoy.

Michinori Naro Solo Exhibition"The Mocher Record"

August 13th (Fri) – August  18th (Wed)

at “chignitta space”

Venue: Takagi Building 1F / 1-13-21, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku, Osaka

Open: noon to 7pm / Closed on Monday

Michinori Naro's personal apeparance at the gallery on August 15th (Sun), circa 4pm - 7pm

DJ party, let's listen musics.  Enjoy  / August 15th (Sun) 4pm - 7pm


In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, all customers are requested to cooperate with our instructions at the venue.  And anybody who has a fever of more than 37℃ and feels sick, please stay home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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