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Calligraphy Exhibition by Masao Uemura "Guest" to be held from February 4

Chignita Space Second Exhibition of the New Year

An exhibition of calligraphy and paintings by Masao Uemura, the owner of Bar MALOWD in Horie, Osaka.


Masao Uemura

Influenced by her grandmother who was a calligraphy teacher, she grew up in an environment where she was familiar with ink.
When she was in high school, she learned to enjoy writing even more and continued to draw on her own.
When the Corona disaster struck, she decided to learn calligraphy from scratch.
After the Corona disaster, she decided to start learning calligraphy from scratch, and studied under a calligrapher she had admired for a long time, Mr. Koshozai.

In 2021, he drew the logo for the new product "Ryuno Beard" of Zuihoken, an old shop in Kameyama, Ise, which has been in business since the late Edo period. In addition to his calligraphy, he usually explores music that goes well with alcohol and alcohol that goes well with music at his store "Bar MALOWD". Bar MALOWD


The second exhibition of the New Year at Chignitta Space is an exhibition of calligraphy and paintings.

Mr. Masao Uemura is the owner of Bar MALOWD in Horie, Osaka.

He is loved by many regulars not only for his skill as a bartender but also for his rich knowledge of music and hospitality.He is loved by many of his regular customers.

Mr. Uemura's paintings and calligraphies are superb in their stylish brushwork and sense of word choice.

In his first calligraphy and painting exhibition, Mr. Uemura will be showing his calligraphy and paintings that he has been posting daily on his SNS during the last year of the Corona disaster.

Uemura's first calligraphy and painting exhibition will feature works selected from among the calligraphies he posted daily on his SNS last year during the Corona disaster, as well as

In addition to the calligraphies selected from his daily posts on his SNS during the last year of the Corona disaster, his original works, which are loved by city pop music fans, will be framed and displayed.

On weekends, he will be bartending at the

On weekends, there will be a "traveling Bar MALOWD" where he will welcome customers as a bartender.

Please look forward to this adult exhibition where you can enjoy music and calligraphy.

Opening reception:  February 5 (Sat) 3pm - 7pm

Please note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be served.

Please note that the content of the exhibition and the schedule of events may be subject to change due to the new corona infection. Please wear a mask, disinfect your hands, and ventilate the venue when entering the exhibition, except when eating or drinking.


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