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MADBUNNY® solo exhibition "ART OF GETTING OVER" 6.25 STARTS!

We are pleased to announce that MADBUNNY® solo exhibition "ART OF GETTING OVER" starts from June 25th (Fri) as our opening special program!


MADBUNNY® / Akiyoshi Takada

MADBUNNY®, has been working as an artist in London, Berlin, and Paris since 1988.  He is constantly receiving offers from all over the world, including Europe and the U.S., and he has held more than 100 art shows in the past 10 years.  He is the only one Japanese artist of UK.SMASH which is an art team collaborating with Fuji Rock (Japan) and Glastonbury Festival (UK). As a photographer, he has released three art books "BYSDNTCRY.®" internationally, and the apparel brand he art directs is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and he continues to work across genres of art, photography, design, and apparel around the world. In spite of his worldwide recognition, his activities remain underground, as evidenced by a recent art auction in the Netherlands, where his work fetched over one million yen.


MADBUNNY® who is only one artist belongs to UK.SMASH collaborating with Fuji Rock (Japan) and Glastonbury Festival (UK) comes back to Osaka for his solo exhibition "ART OF GETTING OVER".

This exhibition is a unique re-creation of MADBUNNY®'s private studio. It will take the form of an installation, displaying his latest artwork in an unpainted gallery, among his influences and roots. He will be exhibiting and selling his artwork, including collaborations with artists in London and Berlin. We will also be selling apparel and merchandise that conveys MADBUNNY®'s unique message of satire and humor. There will also be talk events and other content delivered from the venue.

The exhibition title "ART OF GETTING OVER" is MADBUNNY®'s determination to transcend even the difficulties occurring in the world through art, and is a message to us all.  He was supposed to move to Berlin this spring but everything turns to zero due to the pandemic.  It is at times like this that he reexamines his roots and takes on the new challenges that arise from them in this art show. The stamps and embossing used in the main visuals are from his first solo exhibition in London in 2005, and the artist's enthusiasm can be seen in the edges of the artwork.

MADBUNNY® personal appearance at chignitta space on

June 25 (Fri) / 26(Sat) / 27 (Sun)

Please enjoy MADBUNNY®'s newest installation to be held at chignitta space.


June 25 (Fri) - July 4 (Sun)

at "chignitta space"

Venue: Takagi Building 1F / 1-13-21, Kyomachibori, Nishi-Ku, Osaka

Open: noon to 8pm / Close on Monday



In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, all customers are requested to cooperate with our instructions at the venue.  And anybody who has a fever of more than 37℃ and feels sick, please stay home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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