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Keitata solo exhibition of photography "Beautiful Gap Landscapes"

Keitata, a photographer who has been capturing "gaping landscapes" that one cannot help but laugh at with the tenderness, sadness, and humor that emanate from her photographs of defenseless human moments, will hold a solo exhibition at chignitta space from July 9 (Sat.) to 24 (Sun.)

A "gap" is a moment when a person or a landscape is unprotected, a state in which the viewer is completely unaware of others.  Keitata captures in photographs the serendipitous chance encounters that seem to be drawn to that moment, and copywriter Keita Kusaka writes about them in words.

Usually funny "gap landscapes", this time the photographs are developed on the theme of beautiful "gap landscapes", and the framed print works will be exhibited and sold.


Keitata / Keita Kusaka

Born in Osaka in 1976 and currently lives in Osaka. He works as a copywriter, a photographer, and a leader of the band "Emburn" for calling UFOs.
Published a photo collection "Gaping Scenery" (private edition) in 2018, which describes defenseless moments of human beings with photos and words. The unusual binding using used cardboard boxes attracted a lot of attention and won the Chairman's Award of the Japan Federation of Printing Industries in the Bookbinding and Binding Competition. He is also popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries. 2022 KYOTOGRAPHY DELTA AWARD Winner.


©️keitata / Keita Kusaka

©️keitata / Keita Kusaka

©️Keitata / Keita Kusaka


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