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Echos Design & Letterpress

Echos is a place where anyone can create freely using a variety of printing techniques, such as letterpress, silkscreen, and foil stamping.

Every print is unique, depending on the degree of fluctuation and blurring of lines, the degree of force used when printing, the softness of the ink, and other factors.
The joy of sharing something created by your own hands with someone else.
The joy of conveying the feelings you want to convey to others.
We want as many people as possible to have the experience of having something they have created resonate with someone.
We hope that Echos will be a catalyst for this.


Six illustrators and graphic designers selected by Chignitta will meet with Echos to create original limited edition prints combining wood type and art, which will be exhibited and sold at Chignitta.

In addition to the exhibition and sales at Chignitta, gallery talks by the participating artists and workshops to make original postcards at Echos' letterpress studio will be held during the period.

We hope you enjoy "KAPPAN 'N'ART PLAYGROUND"!

Production scene at Echos

Opening reception and gallery talk at chignitta space on Saturday, May 14, from 3pm:

Artists will be in the gallery to talk about their works and share their fascination with letterpress printing and the secret story behind their production. On the same day, a mini-workshop will be held, where visitors can try printing their own original coasters on a real letterpress brought from Echos to chignitta. Free of charge, no reservation required. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Workshop scene at Echos

KAPPA'N'ART Participating Artists

Hajime Sakurai

Hajime Sakurai takes inspiration from 20th century pop culture and updates it with a sophisticated modern sensibility. He depicts pop motifs with simple composition and emotional expression. He actively presents his original works at solo exhibitions and art fairs, and has been dashing to become a worldwide artist, not only in Japan but also in Asia and Europe. His commissioned work has been loved by a wide range of people, including many collaborations with musicians and brands. His square exploration and hip performances create something new and old.

Junzo Terada

Illustrator, born in Osaka in 1961. He is a popular illustrator active at the forefront of a wide range of fields, including illustration, illustration, picture books, advertising, and sundry goods production, mainly in Osaka. He actively trains younger artists through university lecturers, illustration schools, and picture book classes, and is highly respected by young and professional creators alike.

Momo Hoshitani

Born in Osaka in 1989, Momo Hoshitani graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts Junior College in 2009. An artist whose characteristic features are pencil miniatures that capture even the distortion of facial expressions, bold color compositions in oil pastel and acrylic paint, and playful use of line and color." He creates works based on the theme of "the emotions that come from being alive.

Kohei Miyazaki

Born in 1982. Born in Osaka. Graduated from Sozousha Design College. Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar. Produces pictures by laminating colored wood. Also works as an illustrator with several other touches such as painting with acrylic paint and pencil drawings. Member of Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS)

Handsome Design

Handsome design with a young and free spirit! After working on a flyer for a club party, he has attracted attention for his cool, pop, and colorful visuals in music-related design, fashion, editorial, logos, advertisements, and other graphics in general.

Taku Sakaguchi

Illustrator/Graphic Designer Born in 1981 in Mie Prefecture, currently living in Osaka. He uses "optical illusions" and "word play" in many of his works, seeking unique and pop expressions that stimulate the viewer's imagination. Self-taught in computer illustration and design, she began her career in earnest after winning prizes in competitions for posters and T-shirts. In addition to artwork, he is also active as a designer of logos, desktop publishing, and products.

KAPPA’N’ART PLAYGROUND chignitta x echos

letterpress printing x art exhibition

Venue: chitnitta space

Dates: May 12th Fri - May 22nd Sun

Business hours: 1pm - 7pm

Holiday: Monday


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