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Chignitta Records starts! We're crowdfunding our first single!

As part of the "Chignitta Community" project, the music label "Chignitta Records" has started. This is a project to independently release analog city pop and AOR music, which is now a global trend. The first release will be a 7-inch single by an AOR singer named Christian Gratz, who lives in Philadelphia. Crowdfunding is currently underway!

Crowdfunding is currently underway.


Chignitta Records
Chignitta Records is a record label specializing in nalog records from Chignitta Corporation, which operates the online community "chignitta community. The unique thing about "Chignitta Records" is that it doesn't rely on the traditional distribution system of record stores and record brokers, but instead releases sound sources, jackets, and interview videos to the public and spreads them through the community and SNS. The idea is to take pre-orders and determine the number of copies to be pressed through crowd-funding. Although some of the music will be distributed through record stores, the label will not take any risks from the beginning, and will operate by making the records they want to make with the approval of their fans.


As the first release, we will be releasing a 7-inch single by an AOR singer named "Christian Gratz" who lives in Philadelphia.

One of the members of the Chignitta community, Yo-suke (Urban Classics / Diggy Boy), discovered him on YouTube and made an enthusiastic offer via SNS. "Yo-suke (Urban Classics / Diggy Boy), one of the members of the community, discovered him on YouTube and made an enthusiastic offer via SNS. He was signed as the first artist of Chignitta Records.

Christian Gratz

Christian Gratz is an artist born in Pennsylvania and living in Philadelphia. He is a multi-instrumentalist who can play guitar, piano, bass, and vocals, and by the time he was 20 years old, he was already on stage with the famous doo-wop group, the Drifters. He has also backed The Platters, The Crests, The Stylistics, The Grassroots, Shirley King, and Three Dog Night.

Recently, he has been producing originals in the styles of AOR, soft rock, jazz, and fusion. He has already released two self-produced albums. He has also formed a unit called "The Frost Duo" with his partner, Leah Beth Evans.

"Check out this special interview recorded exclusively for the Chignitta Records crowdfunding campaign.

This single, "Not This Time," is a number from his second album, "1981. As the album title suggests, it is a light-hearted number reminiscent of Hall & Oates, Christopher Cross, and many other major hit numbers of the 80s. The coupling track "Harmony" is also a melodious and sad song.

Listen to the single "Not This TIme" (Japanese title: Oath This Time).

It's an intro and melody you'll love at first listen!

The B-side "Harmony" is also a mellow and melancholic tune.

"Harmony" (B-side of the single)

You can listen to his album "1981" including the single song on Spotify.

Christian Gratz album "1981

Christian Gratz's album "1981", including the single track, is available on Spotify.

The stylish Japanese title  and the cover design were inspired by Japanese AOR singles released in the 1980s. The Japanese title and cover design were inspired by Japanese AOR singles released in the 80's. I think it turned out to be a perfect fit for this new and nostalgic song.

"The label side of Chignitta Records was designed by Hajime Sakura, a popular illustrator and community member. "The pop illustration features the ligneous park where the Chignitta Space is located. The mastering was done by Kansai's chief record producer, Groove Anchan, with advice from Akito Katayose of GREAT 3. The sound is going to be much better than the analog version.

This record will be sold in a limited edition through crowd-funding to recover the production costs; pre-orders will be accepted for a month, and the number of copies pressed will be determined according to the number of pre-orders.

After the crowdfunding is over and the record is delivered to those who have pre-ordered it (scheduled for September), it will be sold at some record stores, at "Chignitta Space" in Osaka, and at DJ events hosted by Chignitta from October onwards, but only a few copies will be distributed to the general public. Don't miss this chance. The price is 2,000 yen (including tax and shipping).

Crowdfunding is currently underway.

"Chignitta Records asked industry influencers to comment on the crowdfunding and to share Christian's music with as many people as possible. Please take a look at the recommendations from the people who are leading the AOR movement in Japan.

When I listen to "Harmony," an irresistibly gentle AOR song

When I listen to "Harmony," my mind goes back to 1981.

I don't need newness or stimulation right now.

When you feel like that, this is the number you want to drop the needle to.

GREAT3 Akito Katayose

Hall & Oates, Boz Scaggs, Marty Balin...

I can't help but grin at all the homages.

But it's not easy to build it up.

You have to love them more than you can imagine.

As someone who makes music, I can relate to this.

It's not like the generation below me is quoting music from 40 years ago.

It's not that I'm amused by nostalgia.

It's because they think it's a treasure chest of pop music.

I'd like to inherit the charm of AOR and make it more exciting.

It was a song that made me feel again.

Naoki Fukuda (Blue Peppers)

"This music by Christian Gratz is like a time machine that can transport you back to another place and a more innocent time, back into the early 80's along with such artists as Christopher Cross, Boz Scaggs, the Doobie Brothers and some of the other great music-makers of that magical era."

Kamasami Kong Kamasami Kong (FM COCOLO DJ)

The moment you drop the needle on the record

The moment I dropped the needle on the record, I was a little bit taller than I used to be

You can hear the "adult" music that you used to long for.

Somewhat nostalgic, yet new.

Such AOR.

Emi (Blue Eyed Soul / AOR_bot administrator, DJ)

In Osaka, I'm hoping to get support from FM802 and FM COCOLO to make this project a success. Please look forward to the future of Chignitta Records.

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

Crowdfunding is currently underway.


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