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Chignitta, an active community where people can do what they want to do!

Hello, This is Yoshihro Taniguchi, the leaders of the online community Chignitta. Our community started in April, and we currently have members from all over Japan and Asia.

We call our "online salon" a "community" because we value connecting with various people, sharing ideas, and enjoying the process of making things happen together, more than learning something or acquiring a skill on the Internet. It's been six months since the community started. We have realized a lot of ideas together with our members! We are currently recruiting new members.

We are currently recruiting new members, so please access this page to read a message from Chignitta!

You can also join here!

There are no requirements to join! There are no age or occupation requirements.

Half of the members are artists and creators. Illustration, photography, painting, audio, video, flower arrangement, app developer, etc. We have a wide variety. We love to interact with people! I love to watch and listen to art and music! I love watching and listening to art and music! We also have office workers, housewives, and people of child-rearing age. We are a friendly group of Chignitters with light footwork. (We call the participating members "Chignitters.")


chignitta community

"Chignitta Inc. is a project that "supports the self-realization of creators. Chignitta Inc. is a project that "supports creators' self-realization." The company is involved in the dissemination of information through on-demand media, the management of online communities, the development of exhibitions and events in real spaces, and commission work, branding, and promotions that connect companies and creators.

The Chignitta community currently has 80 members, with weekly online meetings where a variety of ideas are exchanged, and a number of plans are currently underway.
In June of this year, Chignitta Space, an art gallery, bookstore, record store and DJ cafe, opened in Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka. Various exhibitions and events are held in the open space overlooking the Utsubo Park. Please come and visit us when you come to Osaka.

"Yoshihiro Taniguchi, Cignitta Inc.



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