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Camille Béguin Exhibition「UKI OH YEAH!」4.8sat. ‒ 16sun.

Chignitta Space is pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary ukiyo-e silkscreen posters by Swiss illustrator Camille Béguin’s


Camille Béguin

Camille Béguin is an illustrator and printmaker who lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. She studied japanese culture and language from 2007 to 2010, then illustration and graphic design from 2011 to 2015. Both degrees allowed her to spend time as an exchange student in Japan, the first time in Tokyo university of foreign language (autumn 2010), then in Kyoto University of Arts and Design (spring 2014). Camille was introduced to silkscreen printing during her studies in Kyoto and quickly fell in love with the technique. She likes to create elaborate illustration designs and hand-print them. She spends as much time as she can on her art while working part-time teaching arts-and-crafts in primary schools.

website : instagram : CAMI__YU


Uki-oh-yeah, by Camille Béguin, is a series of silkscreen-printed illustration posters giving a fun contemporary twist to classical japanese ukiyo-e woodblock art.

The Uki-oh-yeah series started in 2017 and is an ongoing project. The illustrations depict japanese beauties from Edo times taken out of their usual context to enjoy anachronic activities.

They’re travelling, eating exotic foods, skiing, skating, going on theme-park rides… All that while staying fashionable in their complicated kimonos and iconic hairstyles. Camille Béguin uses digital tools to draw, colour and prepare her designs for silkscreen printing. She then prints each poster by superimposing six layers of colorful screenprint ink on heavy paper.

Camille Béguin “UKI OH YEAH!” Contemporary Ukiyo-e Silkscreen Poster Exhibition by Camille Béguin 2023 4.8sat. – 16sun.

Opening Gallery talk April 8 (Sat.) 15:00 – Admission free, no reservation required

Access to the venue: Five-minute walk north from Exit 28 of Hommachi Station on the Midosuji and Yotsubashi Lines, five-minute walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line.

Please refrain from coming to the venue if you have a fever or feel unwell.


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