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Yoshitaka Goto

Yoshitaka Goto's solo exhibition will be held at Gallery Japanesque, Kyoto Museum of Photography from March 9. The title of the exhibition is "Mission:Nolan". His photographs, which transcend time and space, are created by multiple exposures using a film camera, and together with his analog techniques, he has declared that they express the world of Christopher Nolan through photography. Let's take a look at his statement.


This is a film photography exhibition that captures the world of film director Christopher Nolan's works using multiple exposures with a film camera. Director Nolan is a stickler for analog filmmaking, and many scenes that at first glance seem to have been created using computer graphics were actually shot using live action. Inspired by his work, this exhibition features photographic works that capture his worldview using analog techniques.

In Nolan's films, the "time axis" and "space" move and intersect in unpredictable ways. I photographed such images in a single frame with different "times" and "spaces" using a multiple exposure technique called "film swap," in which the film that had been shot is reattached to the camera and layered.

This is an analog technique that involves a lot of time and risk, as the lens is masked and the top half of the film is taken in the United States, while the bottom half is taken in Iceland.

However, the photographs taken with this technique created a worldview reminiscent of the dreamscape in "Inception," the planet in "Interstellar," and "Gotham City" in "Batman. This is because I stuck to the same "analog" approach as director Nolan, and was able to move freely between "time axis" and "space"

.Mission : Nolan" is my mission to create Nolan's worldview, and my plan to have him see these films one day. I don't know how many years it will take to accomplish this plan, but I will continue to work in this style and exhibit until it is accomplished.


Yoshitaka Goto

Graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University, Faculty of Business Administration. He is a freelance photographer and a registered artist with digmeout (FM802). In 2008, he discovered Lomography film cameras, which originated in Russia, and sealed up his digital camera. Inspired by Lomography users all over the world who enjoy taking pictures without being bound by preconceived notions, he immerses himself in multiple exposures, creating works of art using analog methods such as multiple exposures and cross-process development to create worlds that resemble computer graphics and science fiction movies. His works, sometimes fantastic and sometimes crazy, have been highly acclaimed in various competitions. He has held solo exhibitions mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, and has also exhibited at art fairs in Japan and abroad. His works have been used in various advertisements, book bindings, and corporate calendars. He has also taught film camera workshops at various schools. His photo book "Inception" was published by Buffalo Press in 2018, and his photo book "X-ing" by 233PRESS in 2019.

Solo Exhibition Information
Yoshitaka Goto Film Photography Exhibition
"Mission : Nolan
Period 2021/03/09 ~ 2021/03/21
(open all year)
Venue: Kyoto Museum of Photography, Gallery Japanesque, 2nd floor
Address: 374-2, Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0038, Japan
Tel: 080-5988-7720
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00


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