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Chill out and music in Xiamen, China.

Xiamen is a city near the mouth of the Jiulong River in the southern part of Fujian Province, China. Xiamen is also known as a warm resort town, a port city designated as an economic zone, and a port of the British Concession from 1842 to 1912, which is why it is famous for its exotic mix of Western and Asian streets in China.

From Xiamen, DFU has been sending out music and culture.He is one of the most important music friends of mine, along with chignitta's support member Yosuke Fujii and illustrator Hajime Sakurai, who have DJ'd and performed together at "Urban Classics" events in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and Xiamen. We asked him to report on DFU's culture and music from the relaxed city of Xiamen, as well as his unique private life.



Originally from Guangzhou, the Xiamen based turntablist began DJing around 2000. As a part of the Chinese underground hip-hop collectives “蟬Deearna” and “噔哚Dumdue”, and a member of the electronic music group “44(肆拾肆)”, Dfu has been curating music projects across different genres.
During the last 5 years, Dfu has been collecting and exploring the roots of music across the world, including minority sounds, ethnic drumming and spiritual jazz. Combining turntablism, loop capturing and ethnic percussions in his live improvisation, Dfu is now bridging and presenting sounds, rhythms and spirits from different regions of the world.He is the owner of "Thank you cafe bar", a cafe bar in Xiamen.


Hello, My name is DFU

I’m living in Xiamen City of China.It has a beautiful old name called “AMOY”.I have been move to here around 14 years.

It’s an island city, also near by Taiwan Island. So local people speak almost same language, and the weather and food and lifestyle are pretty similar.

I will say it’s kind of very chill vibes of the city and the local people in China.You always feel a bit relax when you come here.

But during these 5 years or so, It’s becoming more tourist city, developing a bit fast now.

Whatever,I think the world of developing is same, just in different steps.So for me,I always not really care about what’s gonna happen around me,I just 100% focus on what I’m doing and keep doing more deeper and sharing more happiness to all the peoples around me .

The beautiful port city of Xiamen

Retro architecture and sophisticated cityscape coexist

I have owned a cafe bar named “thank you, cafe bar” in Amoy since 2009. It's a place creatied by me and COTTON(my wife) .We are provide a simple but good thing,everything learn very hard to traditaionl culture and create our way to expression and share .Music ,Drinks,Food,LOVE and good VIBE.

Thank you cafe bar

The space is spacious and filled with art and music.

Every day, friends from Xiamen gather to talk.

The DJ booth plays music daily.

And now,I’m still running my cafe bar and also making a new space for only listening music.even trying to get more deeper and more quiet space.

This was very inspired by a Japanese “JAZZ Kissa-ten”culture. I did spend almost 3 years to doing researching and experience from Jazz cafe in different city from Japan, and reading books and magazines , checking online information and meeting teacher from China.I’m going a bit deeper of this vintage HI-FI sound culture now.

So I will update the news of my new space to you very soon.

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My spot for studing music at home

My Vintage HI-FI spot at home / The MASTER FOR SOUND

Studing deep at my new space

I’m trying to express more of NOW, who am I, and what I’m loving.

The other thing of myself is still creating  my music and my upcoming music label .

The Label called “Meridien Sounds 遠近” .It’s a China and UK based music label to publishing music from mostly Chinese artists and artists from the world who creating the “new roots music”, the music that from their roots but expressing in a contemporary art form.

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Percussion Meditating for KHAWA KARPO

Me having fun with those beautiful Instrument

JAMMING WITH HOWIE LEE & 小老虎 & 大寶 pt2 at my ethnic space capsule

COVID-19 seems to be fairly well under control in Xiamen at the moment. We are together to facing on this problem. Thinking more about the other person,not just ourselves. Wearing Mask in Public space , Wash hand all the time , get the “Green Code” to travel around~ so everything can under control and have a way to tracking, however, it’s very safe here now fortunately .

It’s good to stay home and stay safe , I can spend more time with family and spend more time to study myself, but I truly hope everyone and everything will be fine soon. I miss all my friends around the world, hope can huge you guys one day!

See y’all ,Peace

Green Code: All passengers, including Chinese nationals, traveling to China are required to apply for and obtain a health code by uploading a double-negative certificate on the dedicated website, in addition to obtaining a double-negative certificate within two days prior to boarding.

Me and my new creation


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