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Tomoro Yamanaka Solo Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that Tomoro Yamanaka’s solo exhibition will be held at chignitta space from October 21st Friday to 30th Sunday.


Tomoro Yamanaka

Born in 1997 in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Graduated from Oita Junior College of Arts, Visual Design Course in 2020.
Exhibitions 2020 Monster exhibition 2020 Tokyo Unknown Asia 2020 online
2021 Exhibition “Shikadoko” at comoes Imaizumi, Fukuoka Group Exhibition “Yoko Exhibition”, Artas Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan Group Exhibition “Shunsuke Saiki, SIMON, Atsushi Murakami, Tomoo Yamanaka, Four Artists Exhibition”, Artas Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan Solo Exhibition “Shi”, Gallery MUMON, Ginza, Tokyo


Tomoo Yamanaka, born in Miyazaki Prefecture and currently based in Oita Prefecture, has redefined modern human spirituality by using motifs from Buddhist art as the archetype for his heroes. In 2021, he will receive the Sun Clar Award from the sponsors and the Taniguchi Yoshihiro Award from the jury.

This exhibition’s theme, Urukami (Beautiful hair), which he has been working on since 2020, is a series to recognize the beauty that the Japanese people possess. By stripping away the elements and repeating the motif of the girl figure, the artist pursues beauty without waste. The artist sees the fineness and minimalism of handwork, which are common in traditional crafts and calligraphy, as a uniquely Japanese sensibility, and outputs them in the image of an innocent young girl. The gentle shapes created by masking, the fluid brushstrokes of her hair, and the patterns created by layering and grinding layers of paint are all techniques used in crafts.

As he has said, “I wish I could pursue the essence of things by cutting down the elements as if I were enlightened,” he will present his first solo exhibition in Osaka with the “Urukami” series, in which he pursues beauty with a minimalist sensibility. In addition, a calendar will be available to view all of Yamanaka’s works in three dimensions and rich colors using the S PRISM PRINT® technique, a special foil printing technology that SUNCLARL Co.

Artist’s statement for the Osaka Solo Exhibit:

The “Urukami” series of works depicts the lustrous hair and appearance of Japanese women using brush strokes and masking work. In an age that demands diversification, I seek universal beauty and feel a bit of a drawback in making definitive statements. I continue to create works focusing on a single theme while fluidly changing the facial expressions and the way I paint hair according to the historical background and my own mindset. I put together a series of works and came to the conclusion that the common threads I could find would become my identity as a Japanese or an Asian. In contrast to the painted canvas work, I work carefully like a craftsman, refining the paint and brush strokes, and keeping in mind that with each successive piece, I will reduce the waste. I believe that my work reflects my feminine view of things and my personality. This exhibition was made possible with the help of SUNCLARL Ltd. and Mr. Yoshihiro Taniguchi, who awarded me a prize at UNKNOWN ASIA. Please come and see my original paintings at my first solo exhibition in Osaka. (Tomoro Yamanaka)

Recommendation Message:

I first met Tomoro Yamanaka at UNKNOWN ASIA, which was held online during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. His works, which mixed elements of Asura, Sangokushi, and anime, popped and popped beautifully, and I felt the high quality of his digital compositional skills and analog fixation skills, which were clearly conveyed even through his online works. I finally had a chance to meet him at the UNKNOWN ASIA in 2021, and I was honored to select his work for the Jury Prize. Yamanaka’s “Urukami” series shows his willingness to incorporate traditional Japanese craft techniques such as lacquer, foil, and maki-e into his paintings of beautiful women. Please come to chignitta SPACE to encounter these “graceful” works that you will want to keep forever and look at. We would like to thank Sankraal for their cooperation in producing a beautiful flyer for this exhibition. Please also look forward to the beautiful calendar produced by SUNCLARL, which will further enhance Tomoro Yamanaka’s works. (Yoshihiro Taniguchi)

Exhibition Summary

Tomoro Yamanaka Solo Exhibition “Taoyaka”

Venue: Chignitta Space, 1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Dates: October 21 (Fri.) – October 30 (Sun.), 2022 (closed on Mondays) Time: 13:00 – 19:00 Admission free, no reservation required Contents: Exhibition and sale of paintings and limited merchandise Special supported by SANCLARL Co.

The artist will be in the gallery 10/21 (Fri.) – 10/23 (Sun.)

Gallery Talk Come and listen to Tomoro Yamanaka talk about his works and activities! Saturday, October 1, from around 3:00 p.m. at Chignitta Space. Admission is free, and no reservation is required


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