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Art Collaboration with THE GOODLAND MARKET, FEEL FREE and chignitta has launched.

cWe are pleased to announce that a new triple collaboration with chgnitta, FEEL FREE and THE GOODLAND MARKET has just launched.  The first collaboration is a dope T-shirt with Hideki Takimoto's photo artwork.



A boutique store of a heterogeneous complex that aims to be a new platform store that pursues sustainability and sensitivity. The brand is attracting attention from millennials and Generation Z, who are highly interested in fashion, art, and ecology.


Freedom is the key to make your life feel like it’s your own.


chignitta believes that the source of ideas and inspirations for creative people is a treasure that should be shared with everyone. We will introduce "independent people who continue to move and express by their own will" in all genres.


The first art collaboration is a wearable art that incorporates the beautiful photographs of photographer Hideki Takemoto into fashion.

The first art collaboration is wearable art that incorporates the beautiful photographs of photographer Hideki Takemoto into fashion.

At the same time, Hideki Takemoto's photographic prints used for the t-shirts and his favorite camera equipment are displayed, allowing visitors to feel the art visually as well as deeply.

These special customized  T-shirts are used "organic cotton" provided by Feel Free.

Available at

URBAN RESEARCH Horie store (Osaka)



This collaboration lasts at the end of September 2021 at the above 3 markets places.

about artist

Hideki Takemoto

Hideki Takemoto is a photographer based in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture.  He has started his career as a photographer in Hokkaido in 2006.  His production process involves shooting everyday scenes from around the world using 8mm film. He extracts a single frame from the film, produces it on 35mm film using internegatives, and prints it himself in his darkroom. His works have been highly evaluated in various competitions around the world, and have been exhibited in six countries so far. In December last year, his photo book “Tomorrow morning when I wake up” was released by Roonee247 fine arts. This will be his first solo exhibition in the Kansai area.


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