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Mikado Koyanagi's talk event "Mon oncle".

It’s time for writer, editor, and translator Mikado Koyanagi’s talk event “Mon oncle”. will be held.


Mikado Koyanagi’s talk event “Mon oncle”.

29 Jan (dim) 17:00-18:30 chignitta Talk et disc-jockey : Tei Koyanagi Auditeur : Taniguchi Yoshihiro (chignitta) Tarif : 1500 yens (avec une boisson), payable le jour même.
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ぼくの伯父さん 単行本 ジャン=クロード・カリエール (著), ピエール・エテックス (イラスト), 小柳帝 (翻訳) 出版社 ‏ : ‎ アノニマ・スタジオ

Did you know that a novelization of Jacques Tati’s 1958 French film “My Uncle” was published at the time? The Japanese edition of the novelization has just been published, more than half a century after its publication. The book is full of elegant illustrations. The illustrations were drawn by Pierre Etex, who is also famous for the poster of “My Uncle. If you like Tachi’s films, we recommend that as well. Mikado Koyanagi, who translated the novelization of “My Uncle”, will come to Chignitta on Sunday, January 29, when the Etex Film Festival has just started! And, not to mention that “My Uncle”, we will be hosting a disc jockey-style talk event featuring other Tachi’s works and etex film music on original vinyl records, discussing the book and the film! Mr. Koyanagi has also met Etex before his death, and you may be able to hear such stories. The book “My Uncle” will also be available for purchase at the venue on the day of the event. If you like Jacques Tati and French cinema, come on down to Chignitta on Sunday, 1/29!

Sunday, January 29, 17:00-18:30 at Chignitta Talk and disc jockey: Mikado Koyanagi Listener: Yoshihiro Taniguchi (Chignitta) Fee: 1500 yen (with one drink) to be paid on the day

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mikado koyanagi

Writer, editor, translator. He writes about film, music, and design. His major edited books include “Mondo Music” (Ribroport), “Hitori” and “ROVA’s French Culture A to Z” (both in Aspect), and “Tei Koyanagi’s Babylon Notebook: A Note on Cinema” (Woolen Press). His main translation books are “My Uncle’s Vacation,” “Savignac Poster A-Z,” and “My Uncle” (all published by Anonyma Studio). He has contributed to film pamphlets and numerous commentaries on CDs and DVDs. His own French language school, ROVA (, celebrates its 23rd anniversary in 2022.

Access to the venue: Five-minute walk north from Exit 28 of Hommachi Station on the Midosuji and Yotsubashi Lines, five-minute walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line.

Please refrain from coming to the venue if you have a fever or feel unwell. Please refrain from coming to the venue if you have a fever or are sick.


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