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3.19-21 Chignitta Spring Book Fair

Three-day Chignitta Book Festival in Kyomachibori. Book talks and DJ parties will be held.

Publishers, bookstores, antiquarian bookstores, people who want to sell their own zines, and other book stores, both professional and amateur, will be lined up. All books and records sold by chignitta space will be 20% off on the day!


chignitta book fair

March 19 (Sat), 20 (Sun), 21 (Holiday) 13:00-19:00
Venue: chignitta space (Kyomachibori, Osaka)

Event admission: 1,000 yen (with one drink)


<Exhibit Booth>

Libro Arte

Founded in Tokyo in 2008, Libro Arte has published many books on photography. We are particularly interested in young Japanese photographers and support them in publishing and exhibiting their books. In recent years, the company has actively participated in art book fairs in Paris, Taiwan, Korea, and other countries. We hope you enjoy this collection of works by young and talented photographers.

Freedom Dictionary

From "dictionary," first published in 1988, to "Freedom Dictionary. From the latest issue of the culture magazine hosted by Shigekazu Kuwahara to rare back numbers will be exhibited and sold. A talk event will also be held during the exhibition. You can enjoy the world of "dictionary" while chatting with Shigekazu Kuwahara, who currently lives in Kyoto, via zoom. (Talk 3.19 15:00~)

INSECTS (19th and 20th)

INSECTS, which has its editorial office in Kyomachibori, will exhibit and sell its publications as well as unique Asian culture magazines collected by INSECTS. A talk event by the editor-in-chief, Takaki Matsumura, will also be held. (Talk 3.20 from 15:00)


Ryuyuyu-do, a long-established bookstore in Kyomachibori with an excellent selection of architectural books, will also participate! At the fair, rare architecture books as well as unique self-published art books will be sold at special prices!

Kazuya Taoka CAP Library (Talk 3.21 from 15:00)

CAP Library = A library scheduled to open in May in Kobe's "Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction". The library will have a large collection of books mainly related to art and art-related activities since the 1990s. Books are free to browse. It will be a place where you can sit on a sofa or chair and take your time and soak in the reading.

Artist zine and book flea market booths will also be open

Yoshitaka Goto (3.19.20 )

Koseko Bunko (3.20.21)

Kenta Watanabe (3.19)

Aya Nakamura (3.21) and more!

Lounge DJ

We will be playing the perfect music for the book fair.

3.19 sat Naoki Ienaga (Dub Store Sound Inc.) ,Yo-suke

3.20 sun DJ UTAGE, Little Giant Spring

3.21 holiday slow tempo (Emi, Sakuraihajime, Yo-suke, Jaz-t58)


3.19 sat Tacos Azteca Produced by Riddim Echo & Nesta (Tacos)

3.20 sun. Reyashiso Sparkle (Spice Curry)

3.21 holiday. Minoh Curry Assan (curry)

■ Alcoholic beverages will not be served during the fair. Please note that alcohol will not be served during the fair. Please enjoy coffee, juice and non-alcoholic beverages.

■ We ask for your cooperation in infection control measures such as hand sanitizing upon entry, wearing masks except when eating or drinking, restricting entry during busy times, and ventilation.


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