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BUTT : Beyond Unique Transformation Twist presented by ArtGumi held from Saturday, July 27th to Sunday, August 4th

Beginning July 27, Chignitta will host a unique group exhibition by ArtGumi, an international non-profit Web3 creative community.

ArtGumi is a community of artists, engineers, developers, researchers, and people from diverse backgrounds who come together to build a new art world through the fusion of art and technology. It is built on friendship, learning new things and supporting each other through weekly online "picnic" sessions and Discord interactions.

Founded in 2021, ArtGumi members have been exhibited on giant digital billboards in cities around the world and have participated in digital art events in New York, London, Paris, Venice, Sydney, Dubai, Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, and Tokyo. Some works have been auctioned at Christie's Auction House and digitally collected by international art collectors.

Members of ArtGumi, who interact across national boundaries in the online and digital realms, have been meeting for more than six months on the theme of holding a "real exhibition in Osaka," and are challenging themselves to create new ideas of artistic expression that move between both the digital and analog realms.

Twenty-two creators from various countries including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Germany will participate in this group exhibition, coming to Osaka from more than 10 countries. This will be an interesting art meeting where members who have been interacting with each other on Discord will meet in Osaka for the first time in real life.

At the venue, there will be "acrylic painting on canvas by digital artists," "QR code art that challenges how humans and computers perceive the same meaning of art," "3D art that blurs the line between physical and digital by inputting miniatures scanned by LIDAR into AI," and "Hybrid art using augmented reality. Hybrid art using augmented reality (AR)," "Cryptographic art that requires deciphering to understand its meaning," and other themes and expressions filled with intellectual curiosity will be lined up.

At the opening, there will be an exchange meeting with multinational creators at the venue, as well as presentations and workshops for creators interested in ArtGumi. Please come to Chignitta to experience art and ideas you have never seen before.

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<Exhibition Overview>

# BUTT Exhibition presented by ArtGumi

Venue: Chignitta (1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan)

Period: July 27 (Sat) - Aug.4 (Sun)

Time: 13:00~19:00

Admission free, no reservation required, open throughout the exhibition period



Saturday, July 27, 15:00-

Casual Art Talk & Meet up

Introduction of art groups and participating artists

Art Talk: Art Movements of the Digital Renaissance,

Global Art Scene Networking

Sunday, July 28, 13:00-18:00

Dive deeper into the BUTT

All artists visiting Osaka will be in the gallery (all will bring their laptops)

Artists who cannot come to Osaka will be present online.

Concepts, ideas and digital art processes of the participating artists' works,

Gallery picnic time to discuss past and future works, etc.

Assistance in collecting digital artwork for participants who bring their own laptops.

Wallet setup, safety measures, and introduction to sites where you can enjoy digital art will be provided. Open throughout the term


Statement by ArtGumi

Every artist is an extreme perfectionist when it comes to creating art. While perfectionism leads to high quality work, it can also limit the artist's ability to explore new possibilities and expand his or her horizons while having fun. This exhibition encourages artists to create work they have never tried before.

Some digital artists will create traditional art series, while artists with traditional backgrounds will create purely digital works. For those artists who wish to continue with digital art, many are also inventing new creative techniques, themes, and ideas, or using existing technology in unprecedented ways.

The artwork in this exhibition is very unique and not often seen in other traditional art galleries. They are created in new ways and not just in traditional ways. The exhibition is more inspirational and fun for those interested in how the world of digital art has evolved with new technologies in this time of "digital renaissance" while enjoying the concepts, ideas, and processes behind each piece.

Participating Artists

Bluugu - Korea / Australia

DUO - Japan / Taiwan

Entropy - Indonesia

Eri Harigai - Japan

Gengoya - Indonesia / Japan

Gio Karlo - Philippines

Kior - South Korea

Leodacripto - Germany

Looona Lou - Germany

Loredangoo - Indonesia

Masaki Nakamura - Japan

Michael Chuah - Malaysia

Migrating Lines - Europe

Mitsubachi - Japan

NewFunkyTribe - Thailand

Resatio - Indonesia / Australia

Rinna & Dango - Thailand / Canada /

Rukmunal Hakim - Indonesia

Saeko Ehara - Japan

Sawako Hikita - Japan

STW - Thailand

Ykha Amelz - Indonesia

Zenavi - Indonesia


Past Exhibitions organised by ArtGumiDAO

SPARKLES : Digital Exhibition on SuperRare curated by Rinna X ONBD (New York)

Planet of us : Digital Exhibition on

ArtGumiDAO Digital Head quater Exhibition in the OPEN METAVERSE by PUNK6529

Past Exhibitions of ArtGumi’s members

2024 Vivid Sydney, Australia

2024 Bright Moment Finale, Venice Italy

2024 NFT Paris

2024 Inside / Outside Oncyber Exhibition curated by AOTM (Art of This Millennium)

2023 Crypto Art Seoul,  curated by Super Chief gallery, Seoul Korea

2023 Digital Art Fair, Hong Kong

2023 NFT Bali, curated by Metarupa and NFT Asia, Bali, Indonesia

2023 NFC Lisbon, Portugal

2023 NFT Dubai, UAE

2022 - 2023 Castle Party, curated by Trevor Jones, Stirling, Scotland, and Paris, France

2022-2024 Exhibition on Times Squares Billboards and Rooftop gallery at NFTNYC, New York

2022 Exhibition on billboards around Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand

and more.

Access to the venue: 5-minute walk north from Exit 28 of Honmachi Station on the Midosuji Line or Yotsubashi Line, 5-minute walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line


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