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Let's spread enjoyment

"Chignitta" is a project to "support individuals who want to achieve self-actualization".

At “Chignitta”, we are engaged in information dissemination through owned media, community management, exhibitions and events at “chignitta space” in Kyomachibori, commission work, branding, and promotion projects that connect companies and creators.


People with various talents and backgrounds such as artists, illustrators, gallerists, web creators, filmmakers, DJs, company managers, cafe owners, office workers, and farm owners gather around Chignitta. .

I want to connect such people, share individual "things I want to do" and "things I'm interested in", and make them a reality together. If you can't do it alone, rely on your friends. We should all raise money together. I want to create fun things from scratch that involve adults, children, neighbors, and people from afar.


"Chignitta"'s job is to "spread enjoyment in the world".

Yoshihiro Taniguchi

chignitta founder

Born in 1963. Born in Kyoto. As a producer of FM802, he has planned and operated the artist discovery project "digmeout", the art gallery "DMOARTS", and the international art fair "UNKNOWN ASIA" from Osaka. ” and “People”. In 2021, I retired from FM802, where I worked for 30 years, and became independent. February 2021 “chignitta” started. In June, Kyomachibori "chignitta space" opened. Part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Osaka Seikei University.


Kyomachibori "chignitta space" holds exhibitions of various genres. Cignitta's connections and selections curate creators who are always highly topical. In addition to exhibiting and selling works, we will introduce the appeal of creators from various perspectives through gallery talks and workshops.



A place where something new always happens. While sharing "chignitta space" such as Marche, POP UP, workshops, live performances, and DJ events with the community, we will think about how communication should be. A chance event that happens on the spot leads to the next.



Books and records are nourishment for creators. The analog records and art books that Taniguchi has been collecting for over 40 years will be widely released and passed on to the next generation. ZINEs produced by creators gathered in "chignitta space" and publications of independent publishers are also handled, constantly stimulating the intellectual curiosity of visitors.

Books & Music


The cafe space of “chignitta space” will be open to community members such as baristas who run individual roasts and cafes, craft beer factories, and street food POP UP. If you want to open a cafe or bar, you can try the first step at "chignitta space".



Giving form to what everyone wants to do. So far, we have been making the ideas of community members concrete and fun, such as starting a record label, collaborating with apparel, and farm experience tours. Commission work and branding that connect companies and creators through “Chignitta” are also areas of expertise.



Connect with unique people at the intersection of "Chignitta". Monthly meetings, online and offline communication result in the next action. Such a membership-based online community is the driving force of "Chignitta". Would you like to become a community member (Chigniters) too?


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