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Mayumi Tsuzuki solo exhibition “LIFE” will be held from March 20th (Holiday) to March 31st (Sunday), 2024

Chignitta will be holding a solo exhibition by Mayumi Tsuzuki, who is active in Tokyo. Tsuzuki, who continues to create original works while crossing the border between illustration and art, takes everyday things around us as motifs and depicts the extraordinary fantasy and madness lurking within them. In addition to conceptual lithography works created by making blocks using detailed pencil drawings, we will be exhibiting the latest oil paintings.

Gallery talk & reception: March 20th from 3pm.

On the first day, the 20th, we will be open until 10pm for "Water Jazz".


<Exhibition overview>

Mayumi Tsuzuki solo exhibition “LIFE”

March 20th (Holiday) - 31st (Sunday), 2024 Open every day during the exhibition period

Venue: Chignitta Space (Takagi Building 1F back, 1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka)

Time: 13:00~19:00 / No reservation required / Free admission



Houses, cities, people, families.

These are motifs that I have been drawing for many years.

Landscapes and people that seem like a moment from a memory or dream,

The subtleties of life are reflected.

Everything has two contradictory sides,

We are constantly balancing the two sides.

I think of my life as walking a tightrope.

The small tensions of each day are expressed in bright colors.

Contrary to the common motif,

It is expressed through a somewhat strange and disturbing scene.

May your life, with all its brightness and darkness, be humorous and lovely.

Mayumi Tsuzuki


Mayumi Tsuzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1966. As an illustrator, he has created many book covers, and in recent years has mainly produced art works such as oil paintings and risographs. In addition, he is active in a wide range of activities, including the production of wall-hanging animal objects made of cloth, ``Fabric trophies.''

Graduated from the Department of Crafts and Industrial Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.

Main exhibition history

ONE ART TAIPEI 2023 2024 / Taiwan

tugboat ART SHOW / Daimaru Tokyo

WAVE 2023-24 / Lurf MUSEUM

LUMINE ART FAIR / Newman Shinjuku

tugboat ART FAIR / Ginza Mitsukoshi

WAVE2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda SCOPE ART SHOW /Basel/Miami Affordable Art Fair/New York/Singapore/London

Many other solo and group exhibitions

Access to the venue: 5 minutes walk north from Exit 28 of Honmachi Station on the Midosuji Line/Yotsubashi Line, 5 minutes walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line


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