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Heisuke Kitazawa's works Exhibition" to be held from May 27

Illustrator Heisuke Kitazawa will hold his first solo exhibition in Osaka in four years. This time, under the title of "Oshigoto Exhibition," you will see a fun exhibition that offers a multifaceted view of his recent "Oshigoto" work. A must-see for all illustrators.


Heisuke Kitazawa

After living in the U.S. for 16 years, he returned to Japan and began his career as an illustrator. He has provided illustrations for a wide range of fields, including numerous book illustrations, products and packages for Francais, Caramel Ghost House, Afternoon Tea, and others, and a series of greeting cards with Sanrio. Recent publications include "The Current/ Works of Heisuke Kitazawa" (Genkosha), "Yurayura" (Kodansha), and "Boku to Neko no Saretsugai Nikki" (Home-sha/Shueisha).


Heisuke Kitazawa, illustrator, will hold his first solo exhibition in Osaka in four years. This exhibition, titled "Oshigoto Exhibition," will focus on client work. The exhibition will include original drawings for Francais' logo and packaging, and for the first time, work for Afternoon Tea, Sanrio, and Cocos, as well as drawings for "Anne of Green Gables" (Kodansha), "Takekurabe" and "Nigorie" to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Higuchi Ichiyo's birth. There will also be rough drafts on display, original cut illustrations for sale, talk shows, and a chance to actually see some of the work being done in the gallery (?). The exhibition will also include a rough sketch exhibit, a sale of original cut illustrations, a talk show, and a chance to see how the gallery actually does some work (?). It will be an enjoyable exhibition where you can see our recent "work" from various perspectives. Please feel free to come and visit us.

Heisuke Kitazawa's Work Exhibition

Friday, May 27 - Sunday, June 12

chignitta space

Saturday, May 28, from 15:00

Gallery talk, opening party (live streamed on instagram)

The Current by Heisuke Kitazawa (Genkosha)

Francais Logo

coco's menu


Afternoon Tea

Cover of "Takekurabe" by Ichiyo Higuchi

Montgomery "Anne of Green Gables" book


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